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Strength in Research & Development

ABC has a specialized R&D team, made up of the company’s professionals and talents in the areas of design, manufacture, construction and equipment. The team has been consistently carrying out R&D work on new materials, techniques, products, systems and working processes, which greatly enhanced the leading position of ABC technology in the industry and the competitiveness of ABC products in the marketplace. As a recognition and acknowledgement on its outstanding R&D achievements, ABC won the title of “Chinese Construction Science and Technology Independent Innovation Enterprise (for Steel Structure Category)” awarded by Committee on Science and Technology under Ministry of Construction of China in 2006.

• Development and Research on Main Products:

1. Joint Bearing Capacity Research on Polyurethane Sandwich Panel
2.  Wind Uplift Capacity Research on Polyurethane Sandwich Panel
3.  Wind Tunnel Experiment on Roof and Wall System of Metal Building
4. Mechanical Properties Research on Polyurethane Sandwich Panel for Freezing Storage
5. Experiment on Arc Roof Panel
6. Pull-out Experiment on Concealed Clip of Roofing System
7. FM Test & Approval on Roofing and Retrofit System
8. Electric Seaming Machine Design of Standing Seam 360 Metal Roof Panel


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