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ABC heavy steel structure building is developed based on light steel structure buildings and belongs to typical PEMB as well. Also, all the materials for the structural members and the roof & wall cladding system are metals, such as steel plates for mainframe and color painted metal coils for panels. This type of building is commonly configured with heavy-duty cranes and typically features heavy-fabricated mainframes.

This type of building features large internal space and construction cost saving and especially suits applications of low-rise heavy-duty industrial plant such as chemical plant, power plant, shipyard, heavy machine manufacturing plant and so forth. As a typical example, ABC has built a 1-story heavy manufacturing plant with crane tonnage of more than 100T and building height more than 40m.

This type of building has rigorous requirements for wind resistance, weather tightness and anti-condensation performance of cladding system, and strict requirements on welding-quality of mainframe and installation accuracy of the whole building.


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